Senate Should Continue Prayer Tradition

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BY SU SU WAGONER – It is with great disappointment that I have learned of Hawaii Senators’ discontinuance of a prayer prior to opening the Senate’s daily legislative session.


To my knowledge, such a prayer has been a tradition for every federal and state legislative body since 1779.

The act of giving thinks to God and asking for wisdom in the forthcoming senatorial duties seem to me to be within the framework of sensible behavior.

As a person who was born and reared in Spanish B Camp in Puunene, it saddens me to know that my State Senator on Maui, Shan Tsutsui, has demonstrated such little respect for this long standing tradition, his constituents on Maui, and the unspeakable harm it has already done to the State of Hawaii itself.

Su-Su Wagoner is a resident of Maui





  1. It would seem that even though we have traditions in this country, the secular progressive movement is out to destroy them. My suggestion is if you don’t want to participate in the prayer, you can just wait outside until it is concluded. If you don’t want to pledge the flag, sit it out. Don’t force your secular progressivism on the rest of us. But no, Hawaii has to be the first state in the country to end a 232 year tradition. But oh I forgot, Hawaii keeps voting for secular progressives so I guess this is exactly what Hawaii wants.

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