Send McMackin Packin’? University of Hawaii Head Football Coach Wants to Stay but is a 6-7 Season Worth $1.1 Million?

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Greg McMackin, UH Football Coach

More than $90,000 – that is how much University of Hawaii head football coach Greg McMackin makes per month on his current contract – or a little less than that per game.

But he won just 6 football games of 13 in the 2011 season, which ended Saturday night, with a crushing loss to BYU.


Attendance declined this year and threatened the football program with a fiscal deficit.

Frustrated fans have jammed phone lines at ESPN Radio on 1420 AM after the games to complain to Sports Commentator Bobby Curren about McMackin’s coaching.

Warrior fans have called for McMackin’s dismissal, but he says he wants to stay and finish out the fifth year of his 5-year contract.

When Hawaii Reporter asked University officials whether McMackin will continue as head coach, and if he’s worth $1.1 million a year, spokeswoman Lynne Waters would only say “The university does not offer opinions or comment on management or salary issues with its employees.”

To put his salary in perspective, McMackin is the highest paid employee at the University.

The second and third highest are the Dean of Medicine, who makes $479,760 a year, and University President M.R.C .Greenwood is paid $427,000 per year.

The top paid professor makes $292,956 annually, according to information provided by the University of Hawaii.

The University also is facing financial challenges that have led to consistent tuition hikes.

Students saw a 140 percent tuition increase from the fall of 2006 to 2011. On October 26, 2011, regents approved a 5 year plan to increase tuition again at UH-Manoa by 35 percent from $8,400 a year to to $11,376 a year in 2016. UH-West Oahu students will see a 49 percent increase in that same time period.





  1. He ought to be replaced. I doubt that things will be better next year. But the UH will need to “eat” his salary for the last year.

    A head coach has to have a talent for recruiting great players, which will be chalenging for a team in the middles of the Pacific Ocean. For $1 million a year, it’s a requirement.

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