Shoots from the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii – Feb. 24, 2004-The Hawaiian Islands of Dr. Moreau?


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H.G. Wells’s story, “The Island of Dr. Moreau,” is the tale of a mad
scientist who creates monsters. Some intimate that that’s what could happen
in our own Hawaiian isles.
We in Hawaii should be excited, for our home is pioneering in field tests
for newly-invented genetically-modified crops. We’re on the cutting edge of

Unfortunately, nationally-famous anti-capitalist groups have smeared
biotech’s reputation.

Recently, the Earthjustice cabal (famous for trying to ban longline
fishing here in 2000, regardless of the fishermen’s well-being) filed a
lawsuit against our state on behalf of the leftist Center for Food Safety
(CFS), charging that genetically-modified crops are hazardous, though they
have proven nothing.

CFS’s leader is Andrew Kimbrell, a prot