Sick and Tired Over Media Ethics Debate

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I’m tired of all these complaints about Gov. Linda Lingle’s inclusion of the KITV news crew in her recent trip to Japan. I am especially incensed by former Rep. Bob McDermott’s criticisms, published yesterday in Hawaii Reporter — see “Republicans Should be Outraged Over Governor’s Trip to Japan”

Hey Bob, get a life. You have no life in politics. Get over it. Go sell cars or something.


With all the money this state throws away; this is throwing peanuts at the elephant, and a handful of grass at the donkey.

This is: Much Ado About Nothing.

Every single bit of advertising that any news media can display that will help this state’s tourism is money well spent. When did Democrats ever complain about government spending? Or, for that matter, Republicans?

Of all the dollars historically spent in this state for all the stupid, i.e., corrupt – things – that have been documented; you fools are going to complain about coverage of our governor’s trip to another nation in an attempt to spur our sagging tourism? What? Do you want this state to sink altogether, simply for your political gain? You hypocrites.

Everyone is always measuring a “dollar for dollar” reward for government dollars spent. Well, what is the “dollar for dollar” ”’cost”’ to me, or to you, for the recent veto overrides? It is far and above than that which will be the return for the Governor