Six Animal-Related Bills Moving Forward at the Hawaii Legislature

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(Photo courtesy Hawaiian Humane Society)

By Jennifer Han – Six animal-related bills are in the second to last step from becoming a law. The bills await final, floor votes of both the House and the Senate on Tuesday, April 30th. If these bills get a majority vote, they will be given to the Governor to be signed into law.

Please call your Senator AND House of Representative thanking them for the support they have shown thus far for these animal-related bills. Also, ask them to vote “Yes” for these bills: Snare Bill, Animal Prohibition Bill, Pet Deposit Bill, Mandatory Sentencing Bill, Victim Restitution Bill, and Charitable Deductions Bill.


These Bills Need Your Support NOW to Become Laws

Snare Bill (SB6)

Establishes mandatory reporting of any cats or dogs caught in a snare or trap and prohibits the use of snares, conibears, steel-jawed traps, and foot- and leg-hold traps in residential areas.

Animal Prohibition Bill (SB9)

Prohibits persons convicted of cruelty to animals in the first degree from possessing any pet animal for a minimum of 5 years from the date of conviction.

Pet Deposit Bill (SB 328)

Permits landlords and tenants to negotiate a pet security deposit not to exceed one month’s rent.

Nearly 60% of Oahu households have at least one pet and through our Pets in Housing program we have been working with associations, developers and policy leaders to advocate for more housing.

Mandatory Sentencing Bill (SB978)

Establishes the crime of animal cruelty where ten or more pet animals are involved a felony. This means where the offense would otherwise be misdemeanor conduct, if the offense involves ten or more animals, then it is automatically a felony.

Victim Restitution Bill (HB 235)

Permits humane societies that hold the county’s contract as the animal control agency to recoup financial restitution for costs incurred in caring for an animal.

Charitable Deductions Bill (HB430)

Exempts charitable income tax deductions from the itemized deduction caps.
Mahalo for giving Hawaii animals a voice. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Jennifer Han is a Policy Advocate with the Hawaiian Humane Society.





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