Six Hawaii Laws Enacted

Photos of Gov Neil Abercrombie signing Senate bill 1154, which establishes south Kona wilderness area on the island of Hawaii to preserve vulnerable visual, natural, biological and historical aspects of south Kona. Photo by Ed Morita
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Gov Neil Abercrombie signs Senate bill 1154, establishing south Kona wilderness area. Photo by Ed Morita

Governor Neil Abercrombie signed the following bills into law today:

·        Senate Bill 219 prohibits physically restraining inmates who are pregnant or in postpartum recovery, unless extraordinary circumstances exist.


·        Senate Bill 892 amends certain laws regarding the use of service dogs. It ensures that people are allowed to bring service dogs into certain situations, such as during real estate transactions, and brings the state into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act.

·        House Bill 597 expands definition of “quality assurance committee” to include interdisciplinary quality assurance committees composed of members from various health care organizations.

·        House Bill 889 establishes health care-associated infection reporting requirements.

·        Senate Bill 1154 establishes the south Kona wilderness area on the island of Hawai’i to preserve vulnerable visual, natural, biological, and historical aspects of South Kona.

·        Senate Bill 921 allows certain child service providers to provide emergency shelter and related services to minors at no cost under certain circumstances. The law is effective today, July 1, 2011.

For more information on these or all measures that have been signed into law, please visit

Governor Abercrombie has enacted 179 bills into law so far. His deadline to sign bills into law or veto bills is July 12, 2011.





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