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”’Editor’s Note: The Hawaii Reporter story referenced below was written to illustrate problems with the DOE tracking and procurement system. The report traces a contract from the DOE listed as both completed and backlogged on the same newly launched DOE Web site. The job was actually completed at a cost to taxpayers of $14,665 rather than the $20,000 it is listed at but the Web site does not note the change. Not only that, but the work was done twice — once by S&M Sakamoto and then again by volunteers a short time later, yet is still not removed from the DOE Web site as a backlog item. The principal and the vice-principal both cited the volunteers as the ones who completed the project. This project was used to demonstrate a weakness in the DOE tracking and accounting system, which is responsible for billions of dollars. For a full response, see “Senate Education Chair Flips Out on the Senate Floor, Demands an Apology, Retraction from Hawaii Reporter””’

”’An Additional Editor’s Note: The original letter from Dennis Ideta that we published on Jan. 26, 2006, was scanned in and some spelling and other errors were inadvertantly published. Those mistakes have been corrected. We apologize for this happening and for any problems this may have caused.”’


In response to a ”’Hawaii Reporter”’ article posted on Jan. 20, 2006, by Laura Brown entitled “Chaos in the Department of Education”
the following Information is provided.

The state of Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services solicited a proposal from S&M Sakamoto, Inc. (Sakamoto) and other general contractors asking for a price to furnish labor and materials to
repair damaged bleachers and to repaint them at Mililani High School. The bleachers
ware located at the Football Stadium, Tennis Courts and Baseball Field.

This project
was referred to as “Mililani High School Wooden Bleacher Repairs Project No. 220789”.
(See attachments for a full scope of work) The lumber material was supplied by the
State. The bid date was May 7, 2004.

Sakamoto obtained painting subcontractor bids from about 12 vendors. The low bidder.
Kawika’s Painting & Waterproofing, Inc. was selected with a price of $8.450.00. Our
labor, supervision and overhead costs were compiled and we submitted a total cost
proposal to DAGS Central Services of $14.665.00. We were the low bidder among four
general contractors that bid (see attachment).
Sakamoto- was awarded the project on May 10, 2004. Work by Sakamoto and Kawika’s took
place between August 5-August 21, 2004. There were no volunteers used by us on this or any project. Sakamoto was issued a purchase order for $14.665,00, the amount of our bid.

After the project was completed we were paid the sum of $14,665.00.
The custodian at Mililani High School has told us that in July of 2005, 11 months
after Sakamoto completed the project. parents and other volunteers did repaint
the Stadium bleachers a similar color brown to what our subcontractor used.

a new yellow band of paint was painted on the bleachers midway between the top and
bottom rows of the Stadium. Some power washing of the concrete base was done but no
repairs of the bleachers themselves. This volunteer work was apparently done only to
the Stadium bleachers.

Sakamoto hereby denies it got paid for work it did not perform and certifies that it
did not use any volunteers in the performance of its work.

Sakamoto hereby asks that the news report be retracted as to reference to Sakamoto’s
work and we also ask that an apology be issued to Sakamoto for accusing it of fraud in the work it performed for the State.

”’ Dennis Ideta is the vice president of S&M Sakamoto, Inc.”’

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