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Skylar Soares
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Skylar Soares, winner of the Young Entrepreneur Award, is 12 years old. She founded Hi Sky, a sun safe hat business

The Small Business Hawaii Entrepreneurial Education Foundation will host its annual SBH Business All Stars Awards Banquet on Friday, September 20, at the Waialae Country Club from 5:30 to 8 p.m. Several business people will receive awards, there will be a sumptuous buffet, fun, entertainment, a silent auction and good networking.

2013 awardees:

“The SBH Lex Brodie Business Person of the Year” (2013) is John Carpenter of Island Slipper Company. John will be honored for his many years of business success, management style and keeping alive an iconic family business that he successfully expanded.


“The SBH Jean Fukuda Civic Leadership Award” goes toVicky Cayetano of United Laundry Services for her role as successful businesswoman, civic leader and cultural advocate.

“SBH George Mason Outstanding Business Reporting awardee is Steve Petranik, editor of Hawaii Business Magazine. Petranik has written about, mentored and sponsored many small business individuals and events in Hawaii.

“SBH Business Boosters” are Ryan Ozawa and Burt Lum of Byte Marks Café. Both Ryan and Burt are techie experts who give their time and knowledge to the community and are regularly speak up for business and entrepreneurs in public, on radio and on television.

“SBH Young Entrepreneur of the Year,” 12-year old (that’s right, 12!) Skylar Soares, who, despite serious medical challenges, chose through Make A Wish Foundation, and the help of students at Hawaii Pacific University and Maryknoll School, to start her own successful sun-protection Hawaii hat business, “HI Sky.”

“SBH 2013 Business All-Stars Singled out for outstanding business contributions during the year are: Signe Godfrey, Olsten Personnel Services; Clark Hatch, Clark Hatch Fitness Center and Mark Storfer, Hilo Hattie.

Also receiving awards are “SBH Educator of the Year” John Sosa, Principal of Kaiser High School and “SBH Lifetime Business Achievement Award” John Henry Felix of HMAA.





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