Small Business Owner Runs for Hawaii State House

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BY MARISSA CAPELOUTO – It’s 2012 and I’m running again for the State House of Representatives to represent District 42, the fastest-growing communities of Kapolei and Makakilo, which reapportionment has recently named House District 42.

During my first campaign to unseat the incumbent, nearly 32% of voters backed my candidacy. Since Election Day 2010, my team has been working hard to close that gap for victory in 2012 . . . and we are getting really close to the victory. By standing up for fiscal conservative principles and providing hope in the face of failed State policies, my campaign is all about persuasion; that if families and businesses can live within their means, then government must do the same.


It should not take much persuading of the voters given Hawaii’s anti-business culture, government overtaxation and the local underperforming economy. For me, since there’s nobody else to blame except for incumbent politicians for the abysmal private job market and our horrifying unemployment rate. Voters have come to understand the connection between Hawaii’s anti-business climate, high utility bills and the high rate of foreclosures on their street. In going door to door, there has not been so much voter anger in Hawaii since one political party was tossed aside for another around the time of statehood more than fifty years ago.

As a small independent business owner, a wife and a mother, I understand how my neighbors in District 42 have been struggling under the weight of a self-dealing State government. These West Oahu voters are hardworking taxpayers and homeowners who understand that they have not been getting their money’s worth from State government. Families across our islands that have been struggling, including those in House District 42, are demanding bold solutions which put money back in their pockets and get this economy really moving for the majority of people who work in the private sector.

The rightful leadership is what I hope to provide. Our campaign is an honest one based on merit, factual, and directly tackling important issues that we are facing. I won’t go to the State Capitol looking for enemies, but I won’t go there fearing anyone either. With all the fiscal financial troubles our state faces, we can no longer take time for granted. I hope to see someday Hawaii will reach its potential. I will be honored to represent Kapolei and Makakilo by serving as one more needed vote against many bad ‘job-killer’ policies each year while providing one more courageous voice in favor of fixing what’s wrong with politics as usual in Hawaii. ‘Status-quo’ is not an option.

Please visit my campaign website to learn more:


Candidate, State House of Representatives (Kapolei/Makakilo)





  1. Sounds like another Republican trying to hide among the sheep.

    …We don’t need your brand of hate-filled politics in Paradise.

  2. “Just say NO to democrats” is the theme I live by. Thanks to liberals with insane attitudes like this, it works for me, though a few democrats that might be worth spit get shut out of consideration. Good going, keep up the hatred, we will see how your side continues to screw everything up until people see the mistake of voting democrat.

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