Soldier Uses Personal Photographs to Provide Unique Perspective on War in Iraq

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NEWSWIRE – During his tour of Iraq in 2008, David Holland took photographs that depicted the hope, human emotion and struggle for survival that U.S. soldiers witness around the world during tours of duty. In “Baghdad Beyond the Wire: Faces from the Fair Garden” (ISBN 0615447147), Holland provides readers with a personal perspective on the war in Iraq through his collection of photographs from Sadr City and Baghdad.

Holland goes beyond photojournalism by affording a view of Iraq through his own personal lens as a soldier and photographer, and he invites readers into his mind as he experiences and lives through the country’s reconstruction efforts. His photographs document the devastation from the war as well as the progress currently being made to rebuild Baghdad and its surrounding cities.


Readers witness the author’s personal struggle to fulfill his mission as a soldier and personal desire to see peace and hope thrive in a country devastated by war. Holland hopes that his collection of photographs will teach readers to sympathize with the innocent victims surrounded by warfare. He believes his collection has the power to instill the same hope he has for the Iraqi people in readers across the world.

“Above all else, I want this collection to inspire hope,” says Holland. “Hope for the people of Baghdad as well as for the United States’ families who support our troops at home and overseas.”

Stepping away from political conflicts surrounding the war, Holland calls on readers to wish for peace and hope for Iraq as they join him on his quest to find beauty in the face of destruction and reconstruction. In addition to his book, Holland’s photographs have been featured in gallery shows at several museums throughout the southeastern United States.

“Baghdad Beyond the Wire: Faces from the Fair Garden” is available for sale online at and other channels.

Raised in a small town in north Mississippi, David Holland received much of his artistic and photographic training at Mississippi State University. As a member of the Army National Guard, he was deployed to Iraq in 2008 for a yearlong tour. He lives in Hattiesburg, where he remains a soldier and an artist. “Baghdad Beyond the Wire: Faces from the Fair Garden” is his first book of photography, and he looks forward to offering many more in the future.

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