Solutions to Homeless Problem Multiple and Varied

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My campaign for the 45th house seat features the homeless problem on the Waianae coast as one of the hot button issues for this years election.

As you probably know most of the Island has cleared it`s parks and many other areas of the squatters and sent them (W O W) way out west. The causes are many but several things are certain, some need incarceration, some need hospitalization, and some need the firm hand of the law. Job training, counseling, and State sponsored begging are not the solutions.


The solutions are also multiple and varied.

*1. they are not entitled to prime locations, in fact, the less desirable the location, the fewer of them will seek out homelessness as a solution to housing problems

*2. A dedicated area such as the recently vacated pineapple farming area may prove to be an excellent opportunity.

*3. Since the hurricane in the gulf region is now settled down, there are thousands of used FEMA trailers available.

*4. I believe our congressional delegation should have the clout to negotiate a very fair price if not free for the taking.

*5. They could be located in a cluster area with their own schools, sanitation, community services, medical, security and social services provided at one convenient location.

*6. The shipping is not a problem, the tenants should be expected to invest their own labor to rehab any damage or clean as necessary any assigned housing. These Trailers are equipped with all conveniences necessary to inhabit as they come.

*7. the water, sewer, and electric services can be provided quickly and firm rules can be laid out, explained and enforced readily, by a security detachment to maintain order and a safe environment.

I am sure other ideas are available and should be explored but for now let’s get this program moving.

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