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So this man or this woman on the public payroll wants out; that’s to say, the man wants to become a woman, or the woman wants to become a man. It’s the taxpayers’ duty to pay for it?

Not so as anyone ever thought before. On the other hand, it’s a crazy time, and there’s this big health care debate going on in Washington, D. C. So, yes, Fort Worth is considering adding sex change operations to health coverage for city employees. Which would make Fort Worth a little bit more like San Francisco, where public insurance plans have covered sex change procedures since 2001.


Our bet is, Fort Worth people aren’t going to let Fort Worth city government model local behavior on what passes for normal in California. The same likely goes for Dallas, where, according to the Dallas Morning News, a local cop named Joe Grabowski paid doctors nearly $80,000 to make him over into “Debbie” Grabowski