Something Congress Can Do To Actually Help Our County

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“We want to add more money there…it is very urgent though that we support our — our police and fire, our health care workers, our nurses, our teachers…that’s what the state and local government is about, is meeting the needs of the coronavirus. And everything that we’re doing is about the coronavirus, understand that.” – Nancy Pelosi (P-CA) speaking on the stalled negotiations to return more tax dollars to small businesses.

We all have to take that with a gigantic grain of salt. After all, Ms. Pelosi and her coven of Progressive opportunists packed the last pandemic stimulus package with:

  • $75 million for the National Endowment for the Humanities
  • $75 million for the National Endowment for the Arts
  • $100 million from developing broadband connections in rural areas
  • $50 million to generic legal services
  • $250 million to the IRS for extending the April 15th deadline to file tax returns
  • $60.8 million to clean toilets in our forest preserves (how much does bleach cost?)
  • $25 million for the Kennedy Center
  • $14.25 billion to colleges and universities
  • $13 million specifically allocated to Howard University
  • $7 million specifically allocated to Gallaudet University
  • $75 million for PBS
  • $10 million for the US Senate
  • $25 million to the US House
  • $608 million related to State Dept. programs focusing on coronavirus response for other nations
  • $1.018 billion bailout to Amtrak under the guise of a coronavirus response

And let’s remember, that’s just the Federal government spendthrifting our tax dollars. The Federal Reserve has already injected over $10 trillion – trillion – into the financial sector in an attempt to stabilize those knee-jerk opportunists (listen to a very disturbing podcast here).

So, with the negotiations stalled on re-engaging the act of actually helping small businesses instead of loading the federal government’s feed trough for the usual suspects, how about trying something different?

How about crafting legislation, to sunset after the “all clear” is given on this COVID-19 event, that would give the President the line-item veto as an emergency measure? Congress would still control the purse strings but it would allow the President to pare down the tax dollars spent if he deemed it wasteful spending.

As a contingency, Democrats would always be able to complain to their sycophantic media that he was shortchanging someone or some program, and they could play it out in the media before the November elections. They love doing that anyway, i.e. Klobuchar insisting that Joe Biden has already investigated on the sexual assault claims leveled against him by a former staffer because the New York Times wrote an article about it.

With the initial small business stimulus package being ravaged by hedge funds, brokerage houses, and mid-sized law firms, we need to give flexibility to people in Washington who want to look out for the average American, not continue the plundering of the connected class.

If popular fears prevail and small businesses close on a massive level our nation will experience an economic crisis that will make the Great Depression look like a tropical vacation. What better way for the Progressives to usher in Socialism disguised as benevolence.




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