Something is Wrong Here -Her Name is Ms. Lowell

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In ”’The Honolulu Advertiser”’ Feb. 11, there was an article on the new library schedules and the library cutbacks.

The head of the library system, Virginia Lowell, is clearly determined to punish everybody for not choosing the correct political course.


As a long supporter and avid user of library resources, I find this attitude terribly short sighted. In the article though was a curious statement that you might want to investigate.

“Sen. Fred Hemmings, R-25th (Kailua, Waimanalo, Portlock) said the Waimanalo School and Public Library has used money from Verizon to open on Saturdays at no cost to the state, but it would not be allowed to tap into that private money and keep its sixth operating day under Lowell’s plan.”

“It hurts the children of Waimanalo,” Hemmings says. “It sends the wrong signal to private companies that want to help the community.”

Now, why, and how, is Verizon being prevented from contributing to the library?

In typical Advertiser reticence to report anything in depth we get no clue here.

Isn’t this exactly the opposite from what should be happening?

Shouldn’t we be encouraging private business to pick up the difference to keep more libraries open?

Something is very wrong here, and I think it is probably Ms. Lowell.

”’Don Newman is a free-lance writer based in Waikiki and can be reached via email at: