State House Toughens Property Crime Laws

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Rep. Chris Lee
Rep. Chris Lee

REPORT FROM THE STATE HOUSE – HONOLULU– The Hawaii House of Representatives recently approved HB2205 HD1, which takes off the table the option of probation for repeat offenders who continue to commit property crimes. The measure now crosses over to the Senate for its consideration.

Over the past several years, the state has been victim to a sharp rise of reoccurring burglaries and property crime—especially in communities along East Oahu and at local tourist destinations.


In discussions with law enforcement officials and community members, it was learned that the culprits of many break-ins are repeat offenders of criminal trespass and property crimes. These individuals returned to the community after a short incarceration period or were granted probation instead of jail time.

“Right now, our communities and visitors are being victimized by criminals who continue to commit the very same crimes because of light sentencing which puts them back on our streets. This measure will ensure that those who continue to break the law are sentenced appropriately,” said Representative Chris Lee (Kailua, Waimanalo), who introduced the bill.