State of the State Speech Shows Why Lingle Should Be Re-elected as Governor

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In 2002, many people asked me why I was supporting then candidate for governor, Linda Lingle. I told them that her perspective on important issues transcended political parties.

Gov. Linda Lingle’s State of the State speech of Jan. 23, 2006 — “Renewing Our Commitment to the People of Hawaii” — is what I will show anyone who asks me why I support her re-election.


Gov. Lingle has always been able to shatter stereotypes and her speech was a prime example of her ability. Her speech was comprehensive and compelling.

She spoke about the need to change our unfair tax system, protect the environment, promote alternative energy, help the homeless and shore up our social safety net. Her speech was inspiring and detailed the concrete steps necessary to accomplish those worthy goals.

Many people remarked that her State of the State speech could have been given by a Democrat. The important issues, like a fair tax system, a clean environment, a strong education system, are not the sole property of any single political party.

Progress in our state has been held back by politicians who hold onto stereotypes like, who can talk about what subjects, who is entitled to certain political offices and how our problems should be solved.

The past three years under Gov. Lingle’s leadership shows how she has guided our state to financial success which enables us to address and solve the long standing problems in our communities.

This State of the State speech was noteworthy for its vision. Her speech was worthy of someone who has earned the right to be re-elected.

So in 2006, if anybody asks me why I support Gov. Lingle’s re-election, I will show them this State of the State speech and tell them, “You should be supporting her too.”

”’Ted H. S. Hong, a resident of Hilo, HI, was the former state chief negotiator under Gov. Linda Lingle and a member of the University Board of Regents. He can be reached via email at:”’

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