State Senator David Ige has 11-point Lead in Latest Gubernatorial Poll

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Senate Ways and Means Chair David Ige
Senate Ways and Means Chair David Ige

HONOLULU — Fueled by community building support from across the state, Democratic gubernatorial candidate State Senator David Ige leads in the most current—non-campaign paid—poll with an 11-point lead over the incumbent governor. The latest Civil Beat poll released moments ago shows Senator Ige with 48 percent to 37 percent, with 15 percent undecided. Civil Beat’s previous poll, released in February, had both candidates tied at 37 percent.

“Although the latest poll is just a snapshot today, it confirms that our campaign’s grassroots community building efforts are working as momentum builds across the state,” said Senator Ige, who continues a two-day campaign visit on the island of Hawaii. “We have the advantage because this is an expanding  friend-to-friend, community-to-community campaign based on earning the vote, listening to the people, and not buying it with millions in advertising.” Ige anticipates the next eight weeks will be dominated with advertising from the governor’s campaign and his allies opposed to his candidacy.


Ige ended, “As this most recent poll validates, I am confident that with the people’s continued dedication and hard work across the state over the next eight weeks, we will be victorious on election day.”

With nearly 30 years in the state Legislature, candidate for governor Senator David Ige has built a solid reputation as a thoughtful, honest and innovative legislator. He has been the chair of the Senate Committee on Ways and Means for the past four years, helping to shape and balance the state’s budget. Senator Ige has led a total of 10 House and Senate committees, including Higher Education, Education and Technology, Health, Hawaiian Affairs, Economic Development, Commerce, and Consumer Protection and Information Technology. This year he was named one of the 13 “tech-savviest” state legislators in the nation by Government Technology magazine. Senator Ige has been at the forefront of applying technology solutions and information technology in government and education. More information on Senator Ige and his candidacy are available at