State Supreme Court Denies HSTA Petition over Timing to Rule on Teacher Union Dispute

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Hawaii Supreme Court
Hawaii Supreme Court (Photo: Emily Metcalf)

REPORT FROM THE ATTORNEY GENERAL – This morning the Hawaii Supreme Court denied a petition by the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) trying to force the Hawaii Labor Relations Board (HLRB) to prematurely issue a decision regarding the ongoing labor dispute about HSTA’s current contract.  

The HLRB undertook long and involved hearings lasting over several months about this dispute, and is currently considering all of the facts and legal issues presented in this important and complex case.

The Court’s ruling this morning confirms that the HLRB’s determination of when and how to issue a ruling in this case remains in its discretion. 

During this complex labor dispute, the HSTA has attempted several times to force the HLRB to issue a decision.  All of those efforts were rejected.  Today’s ruling represents the second time the Hawaii Supreme Court has reminded the HSTA that the HLRB must be given the opportunity to rule on the labor dispute without interference, as is its responsibility under the law. 


The Supreme Court previously rejected the HSTA’s request “in light of the extended duration of the evidentiary proceeding (ten months) and the voluminous record” related to HSTA’s presentation of their case at the HLRB.