Statewide Initial Unemployment Claims Decreased 8.2 Percent During the Week of April 14, 2012

Illustration by Emily Metcalf
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Illustration by Emily Metcalf

REPORT FROM DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND TOURISM – Shown below is a table containing Hawaii’s unemployment data for the week of April 12, 2012 including the initial claims filed as compared to the same week last year.

“Initial claims” initiate a determination of eligibility to begin a claimant’s benefit year (new claims) or subsequent period of unemployment (additional claims) within the benefit year.


Statewide initial unemployment claims decreased by 8.2%, with this week’s total filings of 1,981 and filings during the same week in 2011 of 2,157.

Comparing 2012 to 2011 for the counties:

·        Oahu had 34 fewer claims filed

·        Hawaii had 69 fewer claims filed

·        Maui had 35 fewer claims filed

·        Kauai had 21 fewer claims filed

·        Agent had 17 fewer claim filed

In percentage changes, comparing the current week to the same week a year ago:

·        Oahu had a 2.8% decrease

·        Hawaii had a 15.6% decrease

·        Maui had a 14.1% decrease

·        Kauai had a 12.9% decrease

·        Agent had a 22.7% decrease


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