Strong Earthquake Shakes Haiti Again

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A strong earthquake has again struck Haiti, shaking buildings and causing panic as international efforts to help those affected by last week’s devastating quake continued.

There have been no reports of injuries from the magnitude 6.1 quake Wednesday.


The United States is sending more ships to Haiti to help with recovery from last week’s 7.0 magnitude earthquake, which killed an estimated 200,000 people.

This will include a vessel designed to clear debris blocking the main port in the capital, Port-au-Prince. The debris has prevented larger ships with food and other vital supplies from making deliveries.

Some damaged buildings in the Haitian capital have been ransacked by people searching for supplies as they await more relief. American troops have been providing security for food and water deliveries. About 3,500 additional U.N. security personnel are also being sent to Haiti to help prevent looting.

The World Food Program says it will try to get fresh aid to as many people as possible Wednesday. But officials say relief efforts have been hampered by blocked roads, bureaucratic confusion and the collapse of local authority.

Survivors have been living in makeshift camps on streets littered with debris and decomposing bodies. Doctors are struggling to treat thousands of injured with limited resources.

Search and rescue teams from several countries have freed 90 people buried under collapsed buildings, including an elderly woman on Tuesday who was trapped under rubble for a full week.

Officials estimate the earthquake affected an estimated three million — about a third of Haiti’s population.

‘Some information for this report was provided by AP and Reuters.’