Subsidized Long-term Care for Felons?

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Let’s all help our Legislature pass a Long-term Care subsidy bill. I would be delighted to pay $10 each month, $120 each year, for the rest of my life. I would consider it a real bargain ”’if”’ — and ”’only if”’ — the long-term care is being provided for convicted felons who have managed to accrue three strikes! (Ha, fooled you, didn’t I?)

A Three Strikes Law is eminently fair. Consider this: Anyone who has been convicted of three felonies has almost certainly committed at least twice that many, if not more, without being caught. Look at it this way: How many times have you been speeding ”’without”’ getting a ticket? Be honest, now. …


These repeat criminals commit many crimes before they are first caught, then commit many more while on bail, between arrests. Why should they be allowed to continue to disrupt and endanger our lives?

Oh, because they are drug addicts? That’s no excuse. Nobody holds them down and pushes drugs down their throats, up their noses, or injects it into their bodies. Every one of them made a conscious — but very very bad — decision. Not my problem, though. It’s ”’their”’ problem.

Smoking, doing drugs, driving and drinking, not wearing seat belts, riding a motorcycle without a helmet. All are dangerous or unhealthy behavior. Do you honestly believe that there is anyone that doesn’t ”’know”’ all of these things are dangerous and/or bad for your health?

It reminds me of the bumper sticker from a few years back: “A NATION THAT PROTECTS FOOLS WILL SOON BE A NATION OF FOOLS!” We are headed down that road, and almost there. …

If you commit three felonies — or more accurately — are ”’caught”’ and ”’convicted”’ of committing three felonies, why should we expect your behavior to change? Why should you be released to live among the rest of us who are ”’not”’ criminals, so that you can continue damaging our lives and property?

With the freedoms we cherish, comes a great responsibility. Obey the law or pay the price.

So, I’ll be first in line to chip in 10 bucks each month to pay for enough prisons to hold all of the “three strikers”… and consider it money well spent. That’s my idea for Long-term Care!

”’Bud Weisbrod is a resident of Honolulu and can be reached via email at”’