Summer Safety Apps for Parents to Keep Track of Kids

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One of the biggest worries for any parent is the thought of losing their child. With school out for the summer, kids have more personal freedom. Unfortunately there are no summer breaks for working parents, but there are still ways you can keep track of your children from your mobile devices.

To maintain peace of mind this summer, and keep a watchful eye on your family, AT&T presents the following list of the best apps for tracking, locating and monitoring your kids.


1. Footprints
With Footprints you can track your family’s locations and share yours, all on the go. With this app, there are no manual check-ins or coordinates to log. Although it does allow parents to set up geo-fences and alerts that monitor when someone has left a specific location, like school, or entered a restricted area. Download Footprints and it operates automatically using your smartphone’s existing geo-tracking technology, helping to save battery life.

2. Glympse
Glympse is the easiest way to share your location with your family and stay connected throughout the busy day. This app allows kids to send a link that shows their parents their current location and gives an estimated time for arrival, all in real-time, for a specific duration of your choice. The Glympse is sent via SMS, email, Facebook or Twitter and recipients can view it using any web-enabled device.

3. MamaBear
Keeping your family safe has never been easier. The MamaBear app allows parents to monitor real-time locations, track past locations and even supervise online behaviors, to prevent cyber-bullying. This app also features an alert function that parents can set up to see when their kids arrive and leave from school and other saved locations. For parents with children who drive, this app will even record driving speeds.

4. Family by Sygic
Like similar apps, Family by Sygic allows parents to keep their family safe by setting up location alerts, connecting through social media and monitoring real-time locations. However this app lets you check the battery levels of all other connected smartphones, so you know not to panic when your child’s phone simply needs a charge. The augmented reality function allows you to easily locate a child who has wandered off nearby.

5. MobileKids
The MobileKids app will tell you everything you want to know about your child’s mobile phone usage. It logs who, when, how long and what type of communication it was – talk, text, online. Monitor who your child interacts with by creating an “approved” contact list, and blocking others. Know when they add a new contact or download a new app. You can also identify guardians on the contact list, who will all be alerted if the child activates the built-in emergency button. Like most other family-safety apps, there is also a GPS based locator function.

6. Life360 Family Locator
Life360 uses your mobile phone’s GPS capability to help you keep track of your family. However, you don’t need a smartphone to use this app. Unlike the other apps, Life360 work on any standard mobile phone, yet GPS tracking service charges may apply to those users, but free on smartphones. Life360 is considered by many to be the most accurate of the locating apps.

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