Super Bowl Half-time: Children Don't Need Sex Education From the Jacksons

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Humans copulate as do animals. We all know that. It is a part of life. There is an element of art to the act, but it is mostly instinctual and not acquired.

The art and culture that defines civilization comes about through discipline, talent, knowledge and acquired skill. Those qualities are what create civilizations. Fornication alone creates hoards of feral humans and animals.


MTV’s half-time production at the Super Bowl was a display of among other baser human behavior, simply prurient cavorting. So what? I’ve seen it before. It’s not art imitating life, it’s humans imitating animals.

I’m ashamed of those who have set the upper limit of their value scale at the level reached on Sunday.

When will American entertainers and producers give their sexual obsessions a rest and when will the audience satiate their appetite?

Adult Americans already understand sexual mechanics and their children don’t need sex education from the Jacksons.

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