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Kevin Takata
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Kevin Takata

REPORT FROM KEVIN TAKATA’S CAMPAIGN FOR PROSECUTOR – On Sunday, on the grounds of the State Capitol, deputy attorney general Kevin Takata announced his decision to run for Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney. Takata is a career prosecutor and has dedicated his life serving the public and prosecuting crimes.

Since his opponent, Keith Kaneshiro, became prosecutor in 2010, over 50 deputy attorneys and other legal staff members have left the office.  Typically, the office employs about 100 lawyers. These departures have caused great concern to Takata, compelling him to seek public office.


“Over the last 18 months, there has been a mass exodus—there is simply no other way to put it—an exodus of more than 50 deputy attorneys. This is unprecedented. That’s half of the heart and soul of the prosecutor’s office,” said Takata.

“I am running for Honolulu Prosecutor to restore integrity, improve performance, and attract and retain skilled attorneys who are committed to justice and protecting the people of Honolulu.”

Takata is currently working in the Criminal Justice Division at the State of the Hawaii Department of the Attorney General. Much of his work has been on focused on Internet Crimes Against Children. <

Earlier this week, Takata successfully prosecuted a former public school employee for stealing nearly $15,000 from Fern Elementary School. The former secretary pled guilty to all 14 charges.

Prior to joining the Hawaii Attorney General’s office, Takata served the people of Honolulu as a deputy prosecuting attorney for 23 years.  For ten of those years, Takata was the department’s Trials Division Chief.

Takata holds the distinction of having the most homicide convictions in the State of Hawaii.

Takata was born in Lanai to teachers Kengo and Evelyn Takata.  Takata moved to Oahu at the age of 6 when his father, Kengo, accepted a position as principal of Kahalu’u Elementary School. Kengo Takata later became Assistant State Superintendent for the Department of Education.

Kevin Takata is a graduate of the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Case Western Law School.

Aside from his professional accomplishments, Takata continues to volunteer and participate in numerous committees and associations focused on educating fellow attorneys and improving the criminal justice system.  Over his legal career, Takata has been appointed by three Hawaii Supreme Court justices to serve on various professional committees:

  • Committee on Professionalism, Committee Member (2005 – present).
  • Appointed by Hawai‘i Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald Moon to assist in the improved practice of law.
  • Penal Code Project Advisory Committee, Committee Member (1993 – 1994).
  • Appointed by Hawai‘i Supreme Court Associate Justice Steven Levinson to conduct comprehensive review of the Hawaii State Penal Code and recommend alterations to the Legislature.
  • Pattern Criminal Jury Instructions, Committee Member (1991 – present).
  • Appointed by Hawai‘i Supreme Court Chief Justice Herman Lum to participate in drafting standard criminal jury instructions.
  • Recognizing the importance of teaching and mentoring, Takata has taught trial techniques for the National District Attorneys Association and the Conference of Western Attorneys Generals.

More on the web: www.KevinTakata.com





  1. Kevin Takata is a great choice for the job. He is a person of high integrity and good character.

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