Tea Party Patriot Rally: “Audit the IRS”

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By Ken Hoagland – I want you to remember this name: Bob Bauer. The next time Congressman Elijah Cummings says that the IRS abuse was just rogue agents, remember that name. Bob Bauer. Members of the press, remember that name. He was the top lawyer at the Democratic National Committee. He was Senator Barack Obama’s mentor, he was White House counsel and then general counsel for the Obama/Biden campaign and he sent memo after memo to the Justice department, the IRS and “all interested parties” urging them to go after law abiding citizens who wanted to end voter fraud and exercise their rights to stop an out-of-control government. This abuse of Americans was directed from Washington and at the very highest levels of the Obama administration and campaign.

No natural disaster or foreign enemy has hurt us as much as our own government. The economic collapse that still has 12 million Americans unemployed was caused by our government insisting first that every American should own a home and then disastrously, that no one should restrain the new trillion dollar marketplace in toxic mortgages. Insult on top of injury then forced taxpayers to bail out the guilty parties.


Did this decision have the most important element of our experiment in liberty–consent of the governed? No it did not. We did not consent to be spied on either and it is our own leaders who are destroying the amendment the Founding Fathers wrote, remembering a king who swept up citizens and held secret hearings to condemn them. The true traitors are those self-important brutes in this building who dismantle that Fourth amendment in secret–without consent of the governed.

Nor did the new flawed entitlement program called ObamaCare have our approval, our core principle–consent of the governed. They did it anyway and rammed it down our throats. That force feeding is just beginning with the same woman who oversaw Tea Party abuse now in charge of ObamaCare at the IRS. It will get worse unless we rise up and do again what we did in 2010 elections–be the wild card that throws politics on its head and holds politicians on the left and the right accountable. We must repeal ObamaCare but that will not be enough.

We will never stop the abuse of our citizens and our Constitution until we repeal the income tax and close the doors of the IRS forever. It can be done. Here today are true grassroots patriots who have labored in the shadows for the FairTax. New Jersey FairTaxers, stand up. They want to tell you about it and they need your help. This national consumption tax replaces the income tax and repeals the 16th amendment so we can’t have both. No single piece of legislation since the founding of the Republic would do so much to shift power from Washington to the individual citizen. They hate it here in Washington for good reason–it takes the power away from Washington.

What can we do? Each and every one of us must now become Paul Revere. We must wake America up that our Constitution is in danger of being erased from within. Be patient with our opponents and love them as Barack Obama does not love us. They are not the enemy–they are misguided fellow citizens who will suffer right along with us when government controls everything…and does it so poorly that liberty itself is extinguished. Embrace your fellow citizens and win them over to liberty again.  We either restore the voice of Americans on public policy decisions or see America disappear. Stand and be counted. Be evangelists for freedom again. Our message is simple but profoundly important: Without consent of the governed, this is not America.





  1. I hope that your organization will also call for the abolishment of the patriot act.the patriot act has opened the door for gov't. abuse.because of this act, we have over 1200 government organisations and 1900 private companies involved in "intelligence gathering"!! Programs related to counter-terrorism,homeland security,and intelligence in over 10,000 locations across America!!this is a scam! there is so much money going into all these agencies and personnel,and more money being lobbied for all the time.a lot of special-interests are making obscene amount of tax-payer money and nothing to show for it.follow the money!! what the HELL is wrong with our country?!

  2. The true traitors are those self-important brutes in this building who dismantle that Fourth amendment in secret–without consent of the governed.

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