Tea Party Put Downs Wholly Unjustified

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National Democrat political consultants ridicule and disparage the rapidly growing tea party protests in a Honolulu Advertiser article (3/1/10) without giving one clear reason why the grievances expressed should not be redressed.

Tea party participants perceive wildly out-of-control and duplicitous government at federal, state and local levels where taxation mushrooms, bureaucracy oppresses, assurances evaporate, and huge liabilities threaten our future. Government fabrications and distortions provide cover for these risks and failures.


Our legislative bodies have surrendered to unelected third parties the authority to organize and run the government. Law makers have no answer but to bleed the electorate of more and more of their earnings and property.

A tea party is a time to bring the vast overreach and corruption of government into the light. It is a time for making one’s fellow citizens aware of the dangerous course prevalent in the public sector.

A tea party is a legitimate expression of concern and a valuable exercise of the most basic rights of citizenship. As a participant I have heard clear and cogent arguments put forth from a wide variety of people on the issues of the day.

The Democrat consultants insult and deride tea party goers because they have no answer to the issues being raised. They peddle outright falsehood and character assassination and even contradict themselves in their mischaracterizations.

Are we really angry old white men? Check out the families, young professionals, working people, students, the wide array of attendees.

Are we really shouting down “The Man?” Listen to the sensible thoughts introduced at the open microphone.

We’re also called self-absorbed privileged children, adolescents, and in mid-life crisis in addition to the old men characterization.

They say we’re endowed by our creator with possessions and opinions, that we’re out to shock the squares, that we’re loaded with cash, that we’re a throwback to the 60’s hippies, that we’re somehow like the Weather Underground bomber, Bill Ayres: all hogwash.

With all that innuendo, it’s no wonder these Democrat political consultants have no time to answer any of the actual concerns of the tea party protests.

A tea party gives voice to the frustration and sense of powerlessness people feel as mammoth government entities infringe the rights and liberties of a free people. The resources drained from the economy by the inefficient and wasteful governing apparatus harm employment, emasculate available credit, burden future generations and debase the value of our currency.

A tea party provides a mechanism to counter these fearful and perilous trends in governance. It awakens the public spirit.

All in all a tea party is a force for good and I would unhesitatingly recommend attending Honolulu’s Tax Day Tea Party to be held April 15th at the state capitol.

‘Mike Palcic is a Honolulu resident and business owner who can be reached at mailto:bigmouse@hawaii.rr.com’