Teddy’s Bigger Burgers Expands to Thailand

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Teddy's Bigger BurgersHONOLULU – Building upon an incredible international expansion, including its most recent location in Manila, Philippines, the Hawai‘i-born Teddy’s Bigger Burgers just finalized the first of a two-store agreement in Thailand, set to open in late 2014 or first quarter of 2015.

The burger eatery, known for its dedication to quality and unique toppings, just celebrated the grand opening of its first Phillipines location in Makati City. That is the first of a nine-store contract in the Philippines, partnering with SumoBurger Glocal Incorporated with Raymund Magdaluyo, Ricky Laudico and owner Marvin Agustin. Two more Philippines stores will open in November and December, respectively.


”We are humbled to see other countries graciously welcome Teddy’s, and are thankful to expand to Thailand,” says co-founder Ted Tsakiris. “Teddy’s in Thailand? That is beyond exciting, and we can’t wait,” adds co-founder Rich Stula.

Burger lovers in Thailand will soon taste Teddy’s classic, handmade, 100-percent ground chuck patties, along with other delicious options such as turkey, chicken or veggie burgers, fish or pastrami sandwiches, and even salads.

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers franchises are currently available in all territories in domestic and select international markets. Territories are being awarded now to qualified franchise prospects. Offer by prospectus only. Please visit teddysbiggerburgers.com for information about opening a franchise in your neighborhood.

There are 11 thriving Teddy’s Bigger Burgers locations in Hawai‘i, including one in Maui, and one opening soon in Haleiwa. On the mainland, Teddy’s serves burger-enthusiasts in Washington and Iowa, and soon, California and Texas. Internationally, Teddy’s is located in Japan, the Philippines, and soon, Thailand. The Teddy’s brand is built on the premise of a fast-paced, high-energy burger eatery featuring cook-to-order, 100-percent ground chuck, flame-broiled burgers and old-fashioned, hand-scooped, extra thick shakes. No matter where in the world, customers can expect excellent customer service, taste unique local flavors, and enjoy first-class burgers at every Teddy’s owned and operated location and franchise.





  1. Should be interesting. I remember when McDonald's went in, it had to contract with farmers to grow potatoes for fries because fries were virtually unknown. Even now the Thai menu borders on the bizarre. ( corn instead of apple pie, berry mayo ). The location will be important. If in Phuket for example Teddy's will nail it with the British and German tourists who can hardly get a good burger at home.

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