Tell Congress to vote NO” to Health Care Overhaul”

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Despite the failed attempts last fall to pass a health care overhaul bill through Congress, a bill that time after time Americans have fought against, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is trying to shove the U.S. Senate bill through the House this week.

Charles Djou, Republican candidate for Congress, has already vowed not to vote for this bill or any health care overhaul that places further burden on American taxpayers. But, if Speaker Pelosi has her way, this vote will take place BEFORE Hawaii’s special election ballots are due on May 22, 2010.


We know our health care system needs to be fixed. Republicans have continued to offer real solutions to our broken system, but Democrats have ignored them. Now they are manipulating the rules to push this bill through the House and protect vulnerable House Democrats from being accountable for this incredibly important vote.

Across the nation, opposition to this bill has increased. Editorial boards have published scathing critiques of Democrats in Congress and their determination to use any tactic necessary to pass health care and get a win in their column.

With former Rep. Neil Abercrombie resigning to run for Governor, there is only one person who can cast a “NO” vote in the U.S. House on behalf of Hawaii. Tell Rep. Mazie Hirono, Hawaii’s ONLY vote in the U.S. House, and other members of Congress to vote NO.

Let Congress know that you’ve had enough. Tell them that a vote for Pelosi & Reid is a vote against their constituents, against the Constitution, and against the ideals that they claim to hold dear. Tell them that if they vote for this bill, you’ll do everything in your power to make sure that they are defeated in November. Tell them no matter what their leadership may say, you won’t forget.

Tell them NOW.

‘Jonah-Kuhio Ka’auwai is the chairman of the Hawaii GOP’