The Aloha Stadium Fiasco – a Preview of Mass Transit?

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Government once again has shown its incompetence. Our esteemed legislature has been so busy with asinine projects that they forgot to do the paperwork necessary to secure funding for the long overdue and much needed repairs to Aloha Stadium. Huh? How could they forget such an important item? Isn’t there supposed to be someone in charge of watching these things? What are we, the taxpayers, paying these people for?

I could get really steamed about this but on second thought, this is to be expected because this is the way government works (by ”’not”’ working). Several years ago, the Libertarian Harry Browne wrote a book called “Why Government Doesn’t Work.” This recent “oversight” is a textbook example of the theme of his book. May I suggest that you get a copy of this book and read it — very enlightening.


The frightening part of this latest screw up is that these are the very same people that we are going to entrust with a gazillion tax dollars to build, run and maintain a mass transit system. Who’s crazier, them for trying to run an efficient system or us for allowing them to try?

The Aloha Stadium was build 30 years ago with the promise that the steel would only rust on the surface and provide a protective coating – no painting needed. Right. Bare steel in a salt environment, what were they thinking? What were ”’we”’thinking when we allowed them to actually build the stadium that way? Every person who’s ever been near salt water knows that not only does bare steel rust in a salt environment — it continues to rust. The USS Arizona and Utah are two examples that we should have learned from.

Do you think a government run mass transit system will fare any better?

If you think the repairs to Aloha Stadium are expensive, wait until you get the bill to fix “fixed rail.” Government run mass transit programs have never turned a profit or even broke even.
What will happen is that “fixed rail” will bankrupt the city of Honolulu. I pity the mayors in the future that will have to inherit this mess.

There are several alternatives to government run fixed rail. Free Enterprise (I know that’s a dirty word to some) can and will provide viable alternatives, if given a chance.

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