The Best Kept Secret of the World's Top Super-Achievers

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From the head of the boardroom table to the mobile office in the front cab of a pickup truck — it’s happening. While the masses stumble through life taking what comes their way, there are Super-Achievers out there pushing their limits, breaking rules of what’s possible and reaping outstanding rewards as a result of their efforts.

Yet even among the movers and shakers of the world, there is a difference. There are business leaders from around the globe who are accomplishing two, three, and even more than six times what the average achiever accomplishes in a year. These are the “Super-Achievers.”


They come from every type of industry, educational background and personal history imaginable. These are people who, no matter how well they’re doing, know they can always do better. People who want more from life — more time with family, more money in the bank, more fulfillment from their everyday activities — and they’re willing to “work smart” to make it happen.

Do you think Michael Jordan still plays or run his businesses at a higher and higher level because he has to?
Do you really think Bill Gates “demoted” himself to go back to research and development because he had to?
Does Oprah Winfrey or Donald Trump ever have to work another day in their lives?

No – no – and no!

They do it because they love to consistently better themselves and move the bar to a higher level. And as they make their own situation better, they pull along a heck of a lot of people with them, improving the lives of countless individuals who are wiling to step up to the plate with them.

It’s not about a lack of contentment for these people. Unlike the masses, most Super-Achievers are very happy with where they are in life. The point that differentiates Super-Achievers from the average achiever is they want to break through to new levels of growth as fast as possible. They want fewer mistakes or “detours.” That’s why they seek out sources of insight and wisdom to make it possible.

Super-Achievers know they need to reach outside themselves, stretch beyond the bounds of their comfort zones, and gain what I call “accelerated knowledge.” Knowledge that allows them to side-step challenges, smash problems and leap-frog the competition. You could simply say, the Super-Achiever does not reinvent the wheel.

Often, as these Super-Achievers push the outer limits of their current realm of comfort, they discover situations within their business or life where they need an edge. An edge that only can come from an outside perspective. From someone that has their best interests at heart, but who can also clearly see the answers without the emotional entanglement that comes from being too close to a situation.

The source of this secret weapon, accelerated knowledge?
Most Super-Achievers have a three-part answer to this question.

*1. A carefully selected advisory board (consisting at a minimum of a trusted attorney, a CPA and a financial planner.)

*2. A mentor who can add industry specific knowledge.

*3. A Success Coach to provide that invaluable, outside perspective along with the right tools and resources unique to each individual.

When it comes to major challenges, special projects or strategic phases of business growth, these strategic resources are called into action to accelerate away from the pack and take the lead in their industry or profession. Number one and two will take a bit of time and effort to bring together. But the third resource, a Success Coach, can be at your disposal almost immediately. And, as a matter of fact, the right Success Coach can actually help you bring together the best Advisory Board and the most appropriate mentor for your long-term success.

You Say You’ve Looked Into “Coaching” Before And Just Got More Confused…

I can’t say I blame you. As a matter of fact, it’s not your problem. The problem lies with most independent coaches, and even some coaching organizations, trying to be all things to all people. Web sites, brochures and articles seem to present coaching as some kind of magic wand that’ll solve just about any problem you have or allow you to achieve just about any goal you want.

But you and I know that’s not the real world. In order for a Success Coach to be the type of strategic resource a true Super-Achiever would have, they must have a special niche and targeted focus that resonates with you.

You have specific challenges related to specific goals that need specific solutions. You need to find those solutions and put them to use as quickly as possible. That’s the real world of today’s small business leader.

You may have so much on your plate that you can’t seem to figure out precisely where to start. Often things seem like a bigger and broader issue when you’re looking at problems or challenges from the inside. But I can guarantee you, there are one or two specific areas that hold the keys to at least 80% of your challenges.

And having someone tell you all you need to do is” learn to manage your time better” just won’t cut it …

You need something more, and you need it from someone who has walked in your shoes. Someone who has worked tireless hours in order to be first to market with an idea. Someone who has made the “bet your whole business” type of decisions that you’re making now. Someone who is living their dreams every day — not just teaching others without ever putting their own future on the line.

When you know it’s time to recognize yourself as a Super-Achiever and you’re ready to step up to a new level of performance, profitability and fulfillment — be sure to choose your Success Coach wisely. Be certain their focus and your goals are in alignment. With target-specific-coaching from the right coach, your path to rapid-fire, long-lasting results in today’s tumultuous business world will be a clear one.

Action Steps:
If you want to find the right coach for you, and want a tool to help you make the best decision, visit the Resource Center at or email and ask for the “Coach-Matching Interview Questionnaire.” You can use this form to interview the coaches you select as you narrow down your search from the plethora of coaches in the marketplace ready to give you accelerated knowledge.

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