The Boy who fell in Love with a Star


Come, come—One & All, 

You are invited to participate in a very special, lovely show with two of Honolulu’s greats, Adela Chu and Jeff Gere, performing together once again in an original production of “The Boy Who Fell in Love with a Star” at the Bishop Museum’s Planetarium.


I can’t tell you how much I love this show and have urged them over the years to do it again. This is a play for children of all ages (that’s us too kiddies) written by Jeff and with original songs by Adela. Bring your friends and your/their children to experience the magic. Go to the link on the flyer and get your tickets today. Forward this to all your friends and let’s support this unique, home grown theater, for the kid in all of us.

Aloha, Kim Duffett

P.S.—A special shout out to Roger Araujo for his great poster and Tom Curtiss for creating the stage.

Here’s the event registration link or click the image…


The show:  mixes live theater, music, and the stars and video of Bishop Museum’s planetarium into a unique experience for young people. Recommended age is 3 – 8 years old, but big people with those children will also enjoy the show.

The performance: written and played by local performers Adela Chu and Jeff Gere, first debuted in 1984 at Bishop Museum’s planetarium.

The plot: a little boy, Joey is in love with a star. He reads his storybook about the night sky and talks to his star… who pays him a visit! The Star Lady talks of stars and guides Joey through the night sky. Home in bed, he discovers starlight in his hand! It really happened! 

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