The Dangers of Michael Bloomberg’s Presidential Campaign

Bloomberg's presidential campaign relies heavily on his personal wealth and generous spending.

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It is difficult to quantify the magnitude of a campaign FOR PRESIDENT – run entirely on the fortunes of Michael Bloomberg and the favors that buys.

Bloomberg’s campaign is like a machine, oozing unlimited manpower and resources to advance everywhere at once, enveloping the entire country with inescapable messaging leaking from every available media like an uncontrolled virus.


True, Trump is also a wealthy man – but with all that wealth, he didn’t do what Bloomberg is doing. Bloomberg is so successful – that he has placed second in the race only days after he entered it, without even entering Iowa or New Hampshire.

The sheer magnitude of his spending is overwhelming anyone else in the race for president.

According to Buzzfeed, Bloomberg is employing more staffers than any other campaign, paying them higher wages, three meals a day and proffering an iPhone 11s. His events are catered, with free teeshirts and theatrical staging. He has the biggest ad campaign in presidential history. He has only been on the campaign trail for days – and has spent over $400 million on advertising.

But the lead up has been in the works for years – Bloomberg has bought his way into every major area of philanthropy, thwarting naysayers with huge contributions.

“Bloombergs charitable donations went to cities whose mayors he then asked for 2020 endorsements,” reads The Washington Examiner.

The New York Times reports that Bloomberg “poured billions of dollars into efforts that advance his philanthropic and political causes,” pointing out that Emily’s List disregarded his comments poo-pooing the #MeToo movement after nearly $6 million in donations and allowed him to address their Sept. 24 luncheon. There, he pledged that he would support more women candidates than ever before, spending more than $100 million to support Democratic candidates.

Money talks, politicians listen.

Is that fair? Is that right? More importantly – is that how we win an election in the United States?

Maybe. He sure seems to be doing a great job of gaining traction.

Bloomberg’s social media campaign ads center on his climate crisis spending, maternal health, reproductive rights, the opioid crisis – anything to stifle criticism and blur the lines of tax-emption for his Bloomberg Philanthropies and his Bloomberg 2020 campaign spending, according to The Chronicle for Philanthropy.

The entire country seems to be rethinking all of his comments on police tactics towards African Americans, on mortgage redlining, on discrimination and sexual assaults on women, and just about anything that could call his behavior into question.

Suddenly, it seems like the whole world is genuflecting to the anti-Christ. Wow.

How much impact can a man’s wealth have on an election? Combined with the tidal wave of hate for Donald Trump that has poured forth since the day he was elected, it is a powerful elixir for Democrats.

With that, how loyal will Progressive Bernie supporters remain? Will they continue to support the man and his socialist agenda after the tide of social welfare support that is Bloomberg?

Bloomberg’s personal wealth could help pay down the national debt, re-home every homeless American, clean up the world’s environmental disasters, raise the global tide for poverty, provide mental health and counseling services to people everywhere, raise everyone out of poverty – but he is using it as leverage to GET ELECTED PRESIDENT of the most powerful country in human history!

I recall Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. Among the rules: “A good tactic is one your people enjoy; the major premise for tactics is the development of operations that will maintain a constant pressure upon the opposition; the price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”

Any means to an end.




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