The DOG’s Guide to SURFING released as eBook for iPads, Kindles, Nooks & Phones

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TCB Cafe Publishing and TasteTV are happy to announce that the only book to create and launch an actual sport is now available as an ebook for Kindles, Nooks, iPads, ipods, smartphones and more.

“The Dog’s Guide to Surfing: Hanging Ten with Man’s Best Friend” can be found on Amazon here and on Barnes & Noble here


In addition, The Dog’s Guide to Surfing is available as an ebook for only 2.99.

Take your dog to the beach? Sure! Teach you dog how to surf? Wow!

Meet the book that created and launched an entirely new official sport! The only guide to the surfing lifestyle from the view of surfers who love to hang ten with man’s best friend. “The Dog’s Guide to Surfing” brings the greatest stories, lessons, advice, movies, gear, and surf wear to anyone who has ever wanted to catch a wave with their four-legged pals. Whether you just like to stroll on the beach, play in the water, or get in the line-up, “The Dog’s Guide to Surfing” shows how to really be a surfdog.

For anyone who loves the antics of “man’s best friend,” The Dog’s Guide to Surfing is indispensable, collecting stories, lessons, and advice in one richly illustrated book. For surf-lovers, there’s also plenty of information on surf gear and riding a wave, both with and without a pooch. From mounting a massive seven-footer to simply playing in the water, The Dog’s Guide to Surfing shows how to really be a surf dog.


  • ” You’re going to howl from cover to cover and be talking about this book…for months.” – Maui Weekly
  • A lighthearted read and … a fun holiday gift for the surfing dog-lover on your list. — Santa Cruz Sentinel
  • For you if you make little cooing noises when you see a Labrador in a bandana and sunglasses. — Surf Life For Women Magazine
  • Fun! — Huntington Beach News
  • Teach your dog how to rip with personal stories, lessons, advice, movies, gear and surfwear, everything a surfdog needs. — SURFING Magazine

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