The Hawaii Republican Assembly releases annual scorecard of Hawaii’s 76 legislators

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HIRA logoThe Hawaii Republican Assembly (HIRA) today released its first annual scorecard of all 76 members of the state legislature, complete with a rating system which shows where each elected official in the State House and State Senate is ranked on the conservative to liberal spectrum based on his or her votes cast on legislation during the past year.

HIRA president Tito Montes says that the group wanted to establish an ideological benchmark to measure performance in office of each legislator, as the 25 senators and 51 representatives “wield a great deal of power in setting the state’s direction.”


Highlights of HIRA’s 2015 Legislative Scorecard include revelations about who supports multimillion dollar bailouts for various failing state programs, such as Hawaii’s Obamacare exchange, the system of failing state hospitals, and the state’s employee retirement system.

Montes says that HIRA plans to make its annual scorecard a central component of its public information efforts, along with scorecards of county and federal elected officials from Hawaii to be released in the near future.