The Hawaii Social Media Group 808 Viral has added some new faces to their cast.

Happily Eva Afta
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You might recognize some familiar faces on 808 Viral.

Nine cast members from the recent production of Happily Eva Afta have decided to take their talents from on stage to online.


“808 Viral has been the source for people to come together and share funny and engaging Hawaii content. It was always the mission to showcase Hawaii talent, so we decided to make some changes and add some new folks to the cast with acting and comedy experience,” said director Daniela Stolfi-Tow.

That Cast includes actor and comedian Daryl Bonilla, know for his role as Keao in the indie film Beyond Paradise and the Bank of Hawaii “That’s My Bank!” guy.

“I am excited about bringing my comedy to a whole new audience. People who knew me before now get to see more of me and those who don’t know me will get to be introduced to me and my comedy. Hopefully too much Daryl isn’t too much Daryl.”

Also joining the cast is actor, comedian and battle rapper Big Mox, former Augie T Show cast member Kohl Smith, and actor/comedians Jarod Bailon, Leimomi Herrell, Kenny Kusaka, Rayton (Ray) Lamay, Kapena Q, and Kalia Ehulani Kamalamalamaonalani Ongolea. Also coming on board will be several special commentators covering local events and cultural issues that are important to the community.

“The first video we shot went really well. To see something we shot in 3 hours reach over 200,000 people in 2 days blew their mind a little I think,” laughs Stolfi-Tow. “They are starting to get recognized at the store. It all happened really fast but they seem to be adjusting.”

Many aspiring actors and comedians know that social media is a medium they have to get used to.

“I see it as another way to be creative and that’s exciting. And if it brings more eyes and bodies to my live shows even better. It’s a huge thing now. In social media if you have 1000 people following you that’s awesome. If you have a 1000 people following you in real life you call the cops.”

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You can catch Daryl Bonilla, Kenny Kusaka and Ray Lamay at Anna O Brien’s, Wednesday August 9, 2017 at 8 pm. Facebook Event Info





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