The Helpless and Clueless Zigzag Course of the Old Boys' Club-Guided by Small-minded Jealousy

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The postponement of Theodore Liu’s confirmation as Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism (DBEDT) Director makes sense. Ted Liu and so many others provide a true challenge to all the ones left over from the Old Boys’ & Girls’ Club. Finally, truly qualified experts are taking charge and the clueless Democrats have nothing to offer but to respond with small-minded, helpless, political maneuvers. They are acting like little, jealous children.

When Gov. Linda Lingle and her appointees speak and act, something intelligent is going to happen, while all former Gov. Ben Cayetano and his buddies did was to produce a lot of bubbles. And they still do. It is a matter of difference in class and political wisdom.


For example, Gov. Lingle was able to promote Hawaii twice in one day (2/28/03) on TV to promote Hawaii as a tropical paradise and ”’safe.”’ And she convinced the First Lady to serve Hawaiian coffee –