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Whether you agree with U.S. policy or not, the United States is poised for war, that’s the big picture. The small picture to everyone else, but you: how do you keep in touch with your clients/customers who will keep you in business? Next question, what is your backup plan in case your primary systems fail?


Traditionally land line phone service usually continues uninterrupted when, for example, the electrical power fails. The reason: the land line phone companies handle (to a certain extent) the power supply to their equipment

Since the mid-eighties our voice phone service has been supplemented by cellular phones. It is now at the point that more people are using cellular phones as their primary form of voice communications. Cellular companies also supply backup power to their cellular antenna sites and computer servers, which explains why when electrical power is down and phone service, cellular users can usually call someone on the same network.

But what about data? If you lose electrical power, and/or your cable (Road Runner) or D.S.L. modem connection … more than ever, the Internet and email are the lifelines of a company. What is your Voice and Data service backup plan? Well there are a few mobile solutions, one is to take your laptop plug in via a wire (Category 5 cable) at another location and that also goes for using 802.11 wireless.

The other solution I have been using is the Sprint 3G Wireless Data Card. Since the launch of this service in the summer of 2002, my company has not only been voice mobile for years, we are now data (Internet and e-mail) mobile nationwide. Our best example was when my Network Engineer — Jason Warren and I left for Fall COMDEX 2002 in Las Vegas. Communications (Voice and Data) were entirely done via nationwide wireless, in the Ontario, CA airport, at his Mom’s house, driving to Las Vegas on I15, and at the hotel … no dial-up, no looking for an 802.11 access point we could use.

Communication. both voice and data, is critical to the survival of your business. The question is, does all your business and your sales/service/officers/directors need to be at your company location all the time, just to respond to phone calls and email? Would it be better to allow them mobility and respond to time critical items and be in front of your customers and clients?

It should be clear that we consult, sell and support this technology from Sprint PCS. Our clients look to what we use for proven and practical technology. If it doesn’t work, we won’t use it, we won’t sell, we won’t support it.

Till the end of March you can get the Sprint 3G Data Card free ($250 savings) on Unlimited Data Access plans. Please call for terms and conditions, but please don’t call to ask “How much data can you get on Unlimited.” Call 808-261-7761.

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