The last of its kind – 2002 Trans Am Convertible – for sale on Oahu

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Except for the occasional rain showers, Hawaii offers the perfect climate for convertible lovers.

For those interested in the classics, there is a 2002 Trans Am Convertible – the last year they made trans Am convertibles – for sale on Oahu.


The metallic colored Trans Am, which has a powerful 5.7 Liter Engine, has 103,500 miles on it, but is in great condition thanks to its original owner.

Bob Kraut, Firebird brand manager, said when the car was released in 2002: “Few vehicles come close to matching the power and attitude of the now legendary Firebird and Trans Am names. What started out 35 years ago as the definitive answer on speed and performance has grown into a cultural experience, and we’re proud to be a part of that.”

Asking price – $10,000. Call 808-783-4111 for more information.