The Makeup Challenge trend.

Men adorably trying to do women's makeup.

Mokes makeup challenge
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The Boyfriend Does My Makeup trend is where women invite male friends, usually their significant others, to do their makeup on camera. The male partner’s inexperience in makeup application usually result in unfavorable (or sometimes shockingly good) results.

Makeup tutorial videos are not uncommon. But the first video “BOYTOY DOES MY MAKEUP!!” was only recently uploaded in 2010 setting off a trend of makeup challenges that have become popular by social media influencers worldwide.
With views in the billions, there is no doubt that people enjoy watching men fail at doing makeup!


Hawaii’s own 808Viral decided to take on the challenge. Watch as some local braddahs adorably try to recreate a celebrities photo on a couple of unsuspecting females. The results were hilarious and the video went viral getting 250,000 views in the first 24 hours.


MOKES DO MAKEUP!The Titahs got some mean moke makeovers. **BONUS Moke Mahu makeover you not going to believe! #808Viral #fiyah Mahalo for the clothes! @getnutzwear Chosenfew

Posted by 808Viral on Friday, January 15, 2016




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