The Mayor Delivers His State of Confusion-At His State of the City Address, He Garbled Liberal Speak, Hemmed, Hawed, Said Screw You Taxpayers and Let’s All Be Sustainable

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Mayor Jeremy Harris’ State of the City speech started out like a scene in the motion picture StarTrek. The only thing missing was the dramatic music:

“Eight years ago, I pledged to undertake a crusade. A crusade to establish Honolulu as the most livable City in the world [what does he mean by that anyway?]. Our first goal was to enhance the quality of life on Oahu. Through the hard work of thousands of community leaders and our city team — we’ve done just that.”



“We have built new police and fire stations, [even though the police station in Hawaii Kai just got canned after years of planning] expanded our police force [even though they are leaving in droves to North America where they are paid better], and increased the number of firefighters. And we are now the safest City of its size in the U.S. with the lowest rate of violent crime [but the thieves will take everything you own without a second thought, which is why we have the highest property crime in the nation. How safe is that?]. Our fire department is one of only a few in the nation to receive national accreditation. Our bus system has been rated the best in North America [Rah rah –