The People of Hawaii Have Sent a Message to Congress

Charles Djou Wins Special Congressional Election
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Charles Djou Wins Special Congressional Election

After learning I was victorious in the Special Election for Hawaii’s 1st Congressional District, I am humbled to be given this amazing honor of representing the people of Hawaii in our nation’s capitol.

Our success is due to my family, friends, campaign, volunteers and supporters who made our victory possible. Mahalo to all of you for your hard work and selfless courage to stand up to the establishment that seeks to maintain the same broken government.


Today, the people of Hawaii have sent a message to our Congress that we will not sit idly by and watch our great Nation stripped of its best by burdensome debt and wasteful government spending.  We sent a message that we need our government to focus on creating jobs and making life better for all of us.

Hawaii stood up to the old boy network tonight and elected a Member of Congress that will be accountable to the people and will put Hawaii’s interests first. I am eager to start working with the people of Hawaii to restore confidence in our nation and our government.”

Charles Djou is Hawaii’s Congressional Representative for the 1st district