The Pig-Ignorance of Tim Kaine & The Pro-Iran Left

Soleimani & Kaine
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“Soleimani was a despicable killer, but this drastic escalation of hostilities, waging a military attack on Iraqi soil over the objections of that country and without congressional authorization, will increase the threat to American troops, diplomats, and families in the region,” US Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA), said in a tweet.

This is the kind of opportunistic pig ignorance that passes for statesmanship today in the Progressive wing of the Democrat Party; opportunistic because his statement is politically motivated, ignorant because it dismisses the reality on the ground in the Iranian-influenced Middle East.


Kaine, the failed vice-presidential candidate on Hillary Clinton’s ticket, has a history of making politically opportunistic statements for their shock and pander value including insisting that President Trump wanted every nation to have nuclear weapons. He is on record as saying, “We trust Hillary Clinton, my wife and I, and we trust her with the most important thing in our life.” That says quite a bit when you take into consideration Clinton’s trustworthiness.

So, when we look at Kaine’s catalyst (or any of the usual suspect Democrat obstructionists) for introducing legislation that would require the military’s Commander in Chief to get authorization from Congress for any military measure taken against Iran’s terrorist regime it must be seen as a move that targets the President politically, not ethically or procedurally, and puts the immediate well-being of our military personnel in-theater in jeopardy without support.

Soleimani’s existence was the existence of a physical threat to not only US military and civilian personnel in the Middle East, but Americans and Westerners everywhere. His chief terror organization – Hezbollah – was not pigeonholed to formal nation-state acts of war; it operates in the deathly shadows where terrorists lurk. They operate across the Middle East in cities as well as battlefields. They operate in Europe. They operate in Asia, South America, Central America, and right here in the United States.

This understood, how incredibly ignorant is Kaine’s statement that actions like taking out Soleimani will “increase the threat to American troops, diplomats, and families,” that threat is a constant. The elimination of Soleimani represents the removal of what the sycophantic Left in the US is calling the “mastermind” of Iranian military and terrorist operations. That makes American troops, diplomats, and families safer, not placed in more danger.

As for Iraqi “sovereignty.” There is none. The fact that anyone in Baghdad is mourning Soleimani’s death means that the Iraqi people have been subjugated to their historical enemy, Iran. The US presence in Iraq is meant to safeguard a government for the Iraqi people, not for the political elites who see opportunity in aligning with the terrorist regime in Tehran.

Therefore, there was no “attack on Iraqi soil,” but there was an attack that killed a bloodthirsty international terrorist in Iranian occupied Iraq.

It would serve the political opportunists of the Progressive Left well to stop playing games with the Iran issue. If the US is made to play the Left’s political game of “stall, politicize, and slow-walk” when military action is needed – and especially with Iran being nuclear-capable (and we all know they are) – should a massive loss of life occurs at Iran’s hand because we couldn’t respond in a timely and effective manner…well, let’s just say that Democrats will be cast into a hundred years of political darkness for the blood on their banner, if, in fact, the party survives at all.

Best for the political Left, as they did in the aftermath of 9/11, to shut up, sit down, and not draw attention to their terrorist sympathies.



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