The Power of Social Media: Testament to the Power of Social Media for HI Class Clothing

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HONOLULU, HAWAII A small town Hilo boy started a small clothing company out of his condo in Waikiki, where he designs, administrates and conducts all of his business.  Sid Sagon, owner of HI Class Clothing, started his clothing company in 2010 when he shortly started to experience the power of social media.

Once the first batch of shirts were made, Sagon started to market his design by wearing his men’s shirt around town to events, but the most important marketing tool that he used was social media, specifically Facebook.


HI Class Clothing does not operate as a traditional clothing line with a physical store/location, but rather navigates through Facebook and Twitter as platforms to reach potential and current customers to share new products, promotions, and company news.

Sagon focused his attention to Facebook to get people interested in HI Class.  Once a following had been established he created an online store at, he created.

“Social media has allowed me to hear what my customers want directly from them and I am able to respond to them and address any questions or concerns immediately,” shares Sid Sagon, owner of HI Class Clothing.  “The FB page started with about 3 friends, which included my girlfriend, sister and best friend.  Almost overnight I had over 1000 LIKES on the HI Class Clothing page.”

One of the keys to Sagon’s success, with social media, is his commitment to maintaining activity on the FB page.  On the HI Class FB page, there are posts that vary from pictures of new products or pictures of products that have been spotted around town to music videos to status updates on what will be happening next, and upcoming local events.  Understanding that the importance of Facebook is the capability to give personalized attention to customer’s comments, Sagon responds and addressing every customer post and comment.  Sagon experiences a large number of people who frequent the HI Class FB page looking for the new pictures and posts.

Social media has opened doors for small businesses to function and succeed in a way that has never been available before.  HI Class Clothing is a great example of an effective use of social media in order to market and brand a business.

Submitted by Sid Sagon