The Pro-Bowl Experience at Aloha Stadium

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Overall, wonderful. However, to improve it for next year, first, please turn down the volume of the sounds that were “screeching” during time-outs, commercial breaks and between every play. The levels of the “Hip Hop” and scratching records were almost painful, and even louder than the formation fly-by of the Hawaii Air Guard F-15 jets.

Second, when you invite someone to sing our National Anthem, have them sing it ”’Right”’ … as written, on key, and without ad libs or vocal tricks. It’s our National Anthem, and is not supposed to be an artist’s rendition of a pop song.


Third, stop “over organizing” the parking lot. There are so many red cones, yellow plastic ribbons, “snow” fences, and parking attendants that it’s almost impossible to get to the parking area where your friends are tailgating. “Loosen up” a bit, and let us, your customer, find our way around. We will drive slowly and carefully, won’t run over anyone, and eventually, we’ll fill the place up. …

Now for some good news. The pre-game and half-time shows were by far the best, well-coordinated and patriotic that we’ve ever seen, anywhere. The “thousand dancers” were breathtaking, the fireworks, movable stages and flowing banners incredible. The “Leap Frogs” Navy SEAL sky-diving team was perfect and patriotic. The arrival of the live American Bald Eagle was a wonderful touch. The instantaneous creation of an immense American Flag that covered the entire playing field brought tears to our eyes. The fireworks were perfectly timed with the music and dancing. Even though the first big “blast” shocked us with an immediate awareness of the frightening potential for terrorism, we were very happy when we realized that it was a planned explosion. Congratulations to all of the participants and sponsors. See you next year.

”’Bud Weisbrod is a resident of Honolulu and can be reached via email at”’