The Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States-It doesn’t make sense to own a gun and not know the rules.

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The Traveler’s Guide to the Gun Laws of the 50 States! The book that had to be written! Because you are subject to arrest for simply traveling from state to state with a personal firearm, some sort of guide has been badly needed for years. This excellent book covers all the basics for armed travel: vehicles, the glove box, open carry, loaded or not, weapon types, more.

Features the complete national reciprocity list, plus a list of every state’s Attorney General’s office! Ideal choice for all concealed-carry permit holders.


Kentucky attorney Kappas has created an indispensable tool, while work is underway to restore our eroded rights. In the future, maybe, if you have a gun and you’re not a criminal, that won’t violate anything. Until then, get and read The Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the 50 States! Includes Canada & Mexico too.

Read it before a trip, pack it, or leave one in your vehicle, so you know what to expect as you approach each state line. Clear writing gives you the basics for every state in one handy guide. Plus, each state is rated for its relative freedom, based on its gun laws, from zero to 100. See where your state ranks.

J. Scott Kappas, Esq. is the author of The Traveler’s Guide to the Firearms Laws of the Fifty States; Only $13.95!

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