The Week Ahead in Congress

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The U.S. Senate returns this week to try to pass a package of unemployment benefits, physician payments, corporate tax breaks, farmer settlement funds and many other items—totaling about $115 billion. Senate Democrats are trying to gather the key 60 votes to pass the “extender” bill.

The House will be working on a measure aimed at boosting small-business hiring. Democrats in the House will continue their pursuit to pass an $84 billion emergency supplemental spending package. The legislation includes $33 billion for the Pentagon to go towards the Afghanistan and Iraq wars as well as $23 billion for school districts to avoid teacher layoffs.


Last month the Senate passed a supplemental bill worth $59 billion but Senate Appropriations Chairman Daniel Inouye (D-HI) did not include the $23 billion for school districts because there was uncertainty as to whether those lawmakers worried about adding to the deficit would support the measure.

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