Think Tech: Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker – Diving with Wounded Warriors


It was so interesting to learn about Darren Fox and his International Diving Academy called Ocean Legends. Starting from nothing he has built a company that serves international clients and is opening additional locations in southern California and Florida (Tampa Bay area).

They are the first and only dive company in the US that has been approved and certified by the VA for rebreather training and certification. What an accomplishment for a local company!!

They offer a number of certifications such as recreational diving, commercial diving and movie production diving. If you ever thought about giving diving a try, they offer family rates and individualized courses. They have a dive boat to that allows for a wide variety of diving experiences for the entire family.

For those that want a new career, you can get certified and trained to be a commercial dive. And if a veteran the VA will pay for it!

Please watch the video to learn more and how easy it is to get started.