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We have amazing talent and experience right here in Hawaii if we only take the time and look for it. Sometimes we get too caught up with what is happening on the mainland (which we have no control over) and we lose sight of what is happening right here in our own backyard (which we can control).

Ray Tsuchiyama has vast international experience and a global perspective. He is also a “local” having grown up in Kalihi and graduated from Farrington High School. His perspective is refreshing and valuable for Hawaii to move forward and address the numerous issues she faces today.


Take a few minutes and listen to what Ray has to say about Hawaii from a global perspective and a large dose of international experience.



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Reg Baker, CPA PFS, is a nationally recognized expert, advocate and writer for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses (SMB’s). He serves on the national board of directors for the Small Business Administration’s Regulatory Fairness Board and is the Chairman of Region IX which includes California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii, Guam and American Samoa. Baker also served on the Hawaii Small Business Regulatory Review Board which reviews all small business rules and regulations at the State and County level and makes recommendations to the Governor and respective Mayors. He Co-Chaired the combined Small Business and Entrepreneur & Economic Development and Invocation Committees of the Hawaii state Chamber of Commerce and hosted the weekly TV show Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker. Mr. Baker has been named twice as the SBA's Financial Advocate for the state of Hawaii. He has over 35 years’ experience both owning small businesses and advocating for SMB’s and their owners. He focuses on taking companies to the next level with higher profitability and sales and provides Wealth Management services to the SMB owners.


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