Time to De-Moat Da (Capitol) Moat

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BY ATOMIC MONKEY – The moat surrounding the State Capitol has been a subject of ridicule and remains a powerful symbol for the state’s lack of ability to maintain even the simplest aspects of our infrastructure.  Lampooned for its dramatic fish kills, mystery scum and seemingly insurmountable odor issues, the moat is an lingering embarrassment. Before APEC we might consider a nice zen sand garden before it’s too late.  Here’s a photojournalistic exploration of our festering wound which is the State Capitol and an homage to “Powers of Ten.”

The distinctive green scum is visible from space.


Close enough to catch a whiff if the wind’s right.

The dilapidated infrastructure frames the swamp-like water.

This poignant panorama of death and despair greets the visitors to our seat of power.

Under a 100 power microscope the water springs to life with creepy and potentially lethal pathogens