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By KEITH WOMMACK — If you’re a wise consumer, you shop around to find what you need. Today, there’s a product for every taste and helpful advice for just about every inquiry.

For example: If you don’t want to be noticed, Japanese professors have created glasses they say will prevent you from being identified by facial recognition software.


Questions about car buying? Even Oprah has a few answers for you on her website.

But then there’s health.

When it comes to health care, being an intelligent consumer requires even greater diligent examination.

Since February is National Wise Health Consumer Month, you may have noticed various published tips to guide you.

Most of these recommendations focus entirely on the utilization of conventional medicine. But, if you have ever been curious about spiritual options for healing and health, below are a few word-to-the-wise ideas for those contemplating the use of spiritual/thought-based care.

  1. Many are finding that prayer-moments improve them mentally and physically. Therefore, take time to connect with the divine and with those who can support you with spiritual care. Your friends and relatives may already know this. Ask them. It’s been reported that 88% of Americans pray; 82% believe in the healing power of prayer; and 79% say praying speeds recovery.
  2. A better understanding of God has been found to help people experience better health. Therefore, preparing yourself by learning more about the divine could be considered a wise activity.
  3. Daily, take the medicines of honesty, humility, love, and forgiveness. Studies show that these spiritual attributes make and keep you healthy. Each canalleviate stress, which benefits mind and body.
  4. Those utilizing prayer as a first choice avoid unnecessary and expensive tests, and dodge the harmful effects of medical overdiagnosis and overtreatment. Consistent quiet moments of spiritual introspection can keep mind and body approximating a divine, healthy standard.
  5. The Bible is well stocked with spiritual truths capable of healing mind and body. Not only do these truths improve health when used in spiritual treatments, they have been shown to give relief from the tremendous financial burden imposed by other forms of care.
  6. As you experience improvements and cures through prayer, you will recognize the importance of having a health plan that covers spiritual benefits. The Scriptures describe how Jesus consistently and, as some say, scientifically, effected cures with divine power. And many feel that today’s mental and physical improvements show the present reliable tendencies of spiritual care.
  7. The link between mind and body, — what you believe and your physical well-being, is documented. Spirituality improves bodily conditions because the essential nature of being is thought. And prayer with divine power behind it changes thought as nothing else can. Therefore, cultivate a deeper spiritual sense of things.
  8. The needs of your mind or body should never be neglected. Dependable help should always be sought. And those utilizing spiritual care should find it helpful to keep a list of those who can support them with prayer.

This being February and National Wise Health Consumer Month, this month and every month, take care of yourself and your family. Be a wise health consumer. Learn how spirituality can be a key to maintaining and improving your health.

– Keith Wommack is a Syndicated Columnist, Christian Science practitioner and teacher, husband, and step-dad. He has been described as a spiritual spur (since every horse needs a little nudge now and then). Keith’s columns originate at:





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